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The Raaka Company is for the dreamer, the visionary, the hipster, the homebody, the extrovert, the introvert and everyone in between. We think that the most special thing about being you is embracing all the internal and external energy that you live with everyday whether that be through some statement or understated jewelry or art to make your space truly yours.


Raaka hold a few meanings for us, but we want to share two of them with you. In Hindi, Raaka is the moon on a full moon night, and we just think that's beautiful. But in Finnish, Raaka means rawness. Through our art we look to embrace the rawness of this world through handmade pieces that combine the simplicity of the earth with artistic styles that have been passed down to our handicraftsmen and perfected through so many generations before them. Through The Raaka Company we get to present you with beautiful works by them and some by us, Raagini & Kavita Pareek.


Life will always have its twists and turns, let us give you the pieces you need to preserve a little bit of yourself no matter where you go.


Welcome to The Raaka Company.


Raa & Ka

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