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Gani Bhai Rugs was established in 

We met the Gani brothers, Nizam & Ramzan, in the summer of 2019 during our adventures in Jodhpur. In the heat of at least 95 degrees Fahrenheit, we sat with them in the shelter of a canopy outside their small shop and watched Nizam weave a beautiful rug. There are no words to describe the thought, patience, and love that they pour into their work. Every one of their creations combines unbelievable intricacy and perfection and is a true testament to their art. 

All of the Ghani Bhai rugs and products are hand-woven by them in 

Every Gani Bhai product will be made to order, specifically for you. So if you have any special requests, make sure you add them to your order or email us!

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